Ministering to the boys at Polk Halfway House brings many special blessings.  Of course, the greatest one is when a boy invites Jesus into his heart.  Another occurs when the Lord begins to move in that boy’s life and we are able to witness changes in him.  Included in those changes is when that boy hungers to learn more about the Lord by reading His Word. 

Howard Cone, one of our YFC volunteers who faithfully conducts weekly Sunday morning services for the boys also provides a Bible for each boy.  He encourages the boys to learn Bible verses from a list he provides to them and he then give them the opportunity to recite the ones they have memorized.  Every once in awhile the hunger to learn is so strong in a boy tht his desire to read the Bible is insatiable.  Such a boy is Kendal.  He is constantly asking questions and his enthusiasm is a joy to behold.  When we arrive on Tuesdays to spend time one on one with the boys, he is the first to ask if he can talk to us.  For six days he has usually read all he can and is anxious to talk about it and learn more.  Furthermore, every week he wants to read the Bible with us and frequently asks me for additional verses to study and memorize.  Even following our Sunday evening program, he wants a few minutes to discuss something he has read. 

This is truly a wonderful blessing to experience and one which makes our ministry with these boys so rewarding.  “… as newborns babes, desire the pure milk of the word, that you may grow thereby.” (I Peter 2:2 NKJ) 

Thank all of you who support our ministry through prayer and finance and please continue to do so, so that the lives of young people may be reached with the gospel message.

Steve Fitzwater

Just a few photos from the Halfway House