• Donald E. Woods Opportunity Center


    Site Director- Cindy Vergara (Girls)

    Site Director - Steve Voisard (Boys)


    Don Woods is an alternative school here in Polk County that provides education for students who have been expelled or suspended from their normal public school. We provide weekly mentoring groups for the middle school girls. These groups focus on prevention- reaching at-risk teenagers before they go through the juvenile justice system.  

  • Florida Sheriff's Youth Villa

    Site Director- Tiffany Hagler

    The Florida Sheriff's Youth Villa is a program that houses up to forty girls who have either been in trouble or are wards of the state. We provide weekly church services, Bible studies, and mentoring groups. In addition, we also hold special monthly events at this facility. 

  • Bartow Youth Academy

    Site Director- Steve Fitzwater

    The Bartow Youth Academy provides a Culture of Care that includes daily developmental and psychosocial treatment and interventions that are delivered through trauma-informed care. These address issues such as co-occurring disorders and effects; depression; post-traumatic stress disorder and physical or sexual abuse, neglect or domestic violence.
    Treatment services include screening; comprehensive assessment; treatment planning and reviews; individual, group and family counseling; risk assessments and transition/aftercare planning. These are provided by master’s degree professionals under the supervision of a Florida licensed mental health professional.
    On-site medical services are provided by a Florida licensed physician, and health services are provided by Florida licensed nurses. Psychiatric services are provided by a Florida licensed psychiatrist and include psychiatric evaluations and medication management. Our professionals provide 24/7 emergency consultation.
    Education is provided by the Polk County School District. Additionally, youth receive case management services; vocational preparedness; physical fitness; life-skills training; transition planning and community re-entry preparedness.
    We are committed to a balanced approach of restorative justice to help restore justice and reduce recidivism. Further, we utilize a positive behavior reinforcement system that recognizes pro-social behaviors and encourages success. Our youth participate in a full array of activities to increase a sense of accountability and social responsibility.
    We provide the tools to influence risk factors associated with victim empathy, while understanding the precursors and influences that allowed deviant behavior and thinking errors. This is provided through evidence-based delinquency and treatment programs such as Motivational Interviewing (MI), Boys Council, and LifeSkills Training (LST) that have been shown to reduce recidivism.


    2415 Bob Phillips Road Bartow, FL 33830
    Phone: (863) 537-8986
    Facility Administrator: Sumpter James | Phone: (863) 537-8986 x 117