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Youth for Christ of Polk County is a 501c3 organization. This means we are a not-for-profit organization. Yes, our staff does get paid for their work, but they have to raise anywhere from 50 - 100% of it in donations that come from churches, businesses, and individuals. The entire organization is funded by donations and fundraisers, so there is almost always something going on to raise money for YFC. As the need to reach more and more at-risk kids increases, we meet those demands through your generosity of time and money. We are continually looking for new volunteers to meet the needs of the juvenile detention center, the alternative schools, and the ever-growing boys and girls support groups being formed throughout Polk County.

Your future is centered in today's youth, so it is in your best interest to help us reach as many kids as possible to help them realize that their hope (and yours is based on their knowledge and faith in Christ Jesus.

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